Are You the Lead Actor or Background in Your Life’s Story?

21 Aug

Remember me? I’m the observer, and I’ve learned so many things about life and relationships from that position. Today, however, I had an Aha! moment about my life as the observer…and now I’m looking at it from another perspective.

Today while meditating, I saw myself interacting with life. (Note: This was really significant, since I almost never see myself as a physical presence when I meditate. I don’t know if that is typical. Meditation practices vary greatly from person to person. It seems appropriate for me though, since in my meditations I set my worldly life aside and connect with a Higher Power.)  I was laughing and playing…and thoroughly and completely enjoying myself! I was One with my life, and it felt very different for me.

Here’s what I realized. I have been an actor in the background of my own life. I may have chosen the lead actor(s), but I have been acting in the background. I am a really great background actor; I take all of my cues from, and respond to, the lead actor(s). But…I have not been me…not completely me.

It’s time for reflection…

Can you relate to this? What role are you playing in your life?

(Photo credit: I was unable to verify the original source. If you know it, please let me know.)

One Response to “Are You the Lead Actor or Background in Your Life’s Story?”


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