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19 Jul

BIG is Coming from Healthy A-Z


Healthy A-Z is in transition on WordPress but continues to be active on Facebook. It’s been nearly one year, and I’m feeling the desire for a few changes. You’ll notice that I have been avidly reading and commenting on your WordPress posts during this period, and that won’t change. You are my WordPress family, and our connection is very important to me.

Please consider “liking” Healthy A-Z on Facebook to stay connected during this transition. I would so appreciate it!


Wise Words…from Movies and Music

24 Jun

A special post dedicated to my new blogging friend, who is also a beach lover…

Everything Will Be Okay in the End

Memorial Day…Make Time for the Beach

27 May

Time for the Beach

Click here to be at the beach NOW!!

Bridging the Gap between Christianity and Mysticism with Love

15 May

Picture-Pajavascript:;th Steps and Waterfall-Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica_GoogleImages

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My “DUH!” Moment

13 May

Courage to Be Who You Are_PeacefulMindPeacefulLifefb

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Excitement is Building!

7 May

Walking on Glass

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

24 Apr

My daughter and I decided it was past time for a visit. We hadn’t seen each other since Christmas, and she had moved into a new house I hadn’t yet seen…except in photos…and she had a new, much loved dog.

Steph and Akela1

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My Last Hurrah – Liebster Awards and Hug Award

21 Mar


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12 Mar

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful_PtJfb

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Beautiful Blogger and Liebster Awards

25 Feb

Awards Thank You1

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The SMILE Challenge Results – Part 2

20 Feb

SMILE-Bring Your Own Sunshine_HappyDappyBits

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Happy Valentines Day!!

14 Feb

1 Valentines Day1

The SMILE Challenge Results – Part 1

6 Feb

SMILES-More_Oasis Advanced Wellness

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Very Inspiring Blogger, Liebster and Blog of the Year Awards

26 Jan

1Awards Thank You

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Reason to Smile

23 Jan

SMILE-You Are Somebodys Reason to SMILE

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Start with a Smile

21 Jan

SMILE-Start Communication with a SMILE

Sweet Smiles

15 Jan

SMILE-Smiling Sunshine Cookies_GloriousTreats

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Smiling Is Infectious

7 Jan

Smiling Is Infectious

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The SMILE Challenge

4 Jan


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Reality and Shine On Blog Award

3 Jan

Award-Reality BlogAward-Shine on

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Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Happy New Year 2013 South Florida

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Joy to You and Me

21 Dec

HealthyAZ Inspiration-Christmas Palm Tree


with love from my heart to yours…

Take Time to Breathe

17 Dec


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Follow Your Heart

12 Dec

Start Living the Life You LOVE Today

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You Can Control What Goes On Inside You

29 Nov

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Liebster Award

26 Nov

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Happy Thanksgiving!

21 Nov

(Photo credit: 7th Element)

A Better Understanding of Others

19 Nov

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Who Is Really In Charge?

13 Nov

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Learning Both Peace and Joy

12 Nov

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A Better Understanding of Ourselves

7 Nov

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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

(Photo Credit: Carmel City Center)

Hurricane Sandy

26 Oct

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Classifying Each Other

23 Oct

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Great Minds Discuss Ideas

17 Oct

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Friend Making Monday – Quick and Random

15 Oct

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Seven Things about Me

14 Oct

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10 Oct

David Alexanders ART

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Friend Making Monday – Inside Your Home

8 Oct

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Beautiful Blog Award

4 Oct

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Whole30 Results

2 Oct

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Friend Making Monday – Uniquely You

1 Oct

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Believe Impossible Things

28 Sep

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What Life Is Waiting for You?

24 Sep

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Whole30 Day 21

21 Sep

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Find the Barriers to Your Dream

20 Sep

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Just Change Something!

17 Sep

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Genetic Roulette with GMO’s

15 Sep

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Follow Your Dreams

14 Sep

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The Gift of Forgiveness

12 Sep

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